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Pay Per Ride Service

pay per ride

Pay Per Ride

Now no need to pay a lump sum amount for your transportation requirements when you have Haulage, just choose your loading based on your daily necessity. Pay-Per-Ride is always a good choice to make, just opt when you need. It is usually the most cost-effective and flexible method of getting your stuff to your door. Our goal is to simplify and easy available logistic services. We provide quick and scheduled delivery with superior customer service. Haulage provides the most trusted transportation services in the logistics business, considering fast-changing and raising client needs. We provide Pay-Per-Ride in the best budget-friendly way starting from just Rs. 151 . This is why we say we provide Logistics Beyond Imagination.

Vehicle Type Fixed Charges 0 to 3 km Fixed Charges 0 to 6 km
Loading Rikshaw (1 ton) Rs. 151 Rs. 251
Three Wheeler Vikram (1 ton) Rs. 151 Rs. 251

* Charges post 6 km is ₹ 10/km

* Terms & Conditions Apply

Vehicle Type Fixed Charges Up to 5 km Fixed Charges Post 5 km
Tata-Ace (1.5 ton) Rs. 251 Rs. 15/km

* Terms & Conditions Apply

Vehicle Type Fixed Charges Up to 10 km Fixed Charges Post 10 km
Pick-up (2 ton) Rs. 351 Rs. 24/km

* Terms & Conditions Apply

Haulage drivers are always well dressed and well versed in their job. They always try to opt for the shortest yet the safest way to reach on time with the safety of goods.

Price Transparency

We believe in openness, so there is no hidden cost. We do not charge the different cost to different customers.

Zero Cancellation

No cancellation charges will be taken from our customers until the loading will be on it's way to reach its destination.

Works on Sundays

Customers can not only utilize Haulage services on weekdays but can also avail on Sundays, as we are available every day.


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