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Do you remember the days when the customer had to hire tempos, trucks etc on their own to shift the goods to the other region of India? That was an unwieldy exercise. Isn’t? Nonetheless, with the great changes in the logistic industry, the task of finding for the local transport is fast dissolving. Haulage Global Logistics Private Limited has taken a great turnaround. Now the people can able to utilize services without leaving their home or offices. Whether you live in the farthest suburb or in the heart of downtown, we always ready to provide hassle free shifting. Whether it is shifting into your new home, moving into your new business space, transporting storage services we are all set to provide services with professional helpers.

The best part about Haulage is that you can book loading of your own choice almost instantly. Also, one of the major advantages of Haulage outstation is that it costs almost nothing when compared to rates of others. We provide customers with top most priority and aspire to provide the best in class transportation services.

Quick Assistance

Haulage's staff ensures continual enhancement in expeditious services for its customers.

24*7 Available

Haulage customers can avail 24*7 outstation services through both online and offline modes.

Complete Security

Haulage has enabled GPS devices in every single vehicle to ensure extra safety of customer's goods.


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